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Single Origin Coffee Beans - Rwanda, Kenya, Costa Rica

Single Origin Coffee Beans - Rwanda, Kenya, Costa Rica

New Single Origin Coffees include a delicately sweet Rwanda from the Northern hills of Gakenke, a Kenya Peaberry grown across the high altitudes and rich volcanic soil of the Abadere range and a flavoursome Costa Rica from the mountainous region of Brunca.


This coffee beans are grown in the Northern hills of Gakenke by a small family business. The high altitudes, plentiful rainfall and fertile rich volcanic soil creates the ideal conditions for cultivating sweet, dense cherries.The coffee also receives sufficient rain to create a special flavour profile and body. The quality of these flavours compares to no other coffee with an SCA score of 86.25.

Farmers selectively handpick ripe, red cherries and deliver to the washing station. The cherries are floated to remove any under or over ripe and then pulped on a station disc pulper and fermented for 18 hours. Following the fermentation, parchment is then washed in clean water grading channels which also serve to further sort the coffee by density - the denser the bean the higher the quality. The coffee is then laid to dry on raised sun beds, it is raked frequently to ensure even drying and takes approximately 21 to 30 days to dry.

Rwanda coffee has delicate sweetness which is complimented by a crisp punch of red grapes and freshly roasted almonds. As the coffee blossoms you will find a subtle hint of dried berries at the finish.

Rwanda - coffee beans drying


This coffee is from a collection of small farms in the Aberdare - North of Kenya’s Capital Nairobi and grown at an altitude of 1700-1900 miles above sea level. The red volcanic soil there is rich in phosphorus and well drained -  perfect for the farms to produce some of the most incredible coffee beans of SL-28 and SL-34 varietals. The warm daytime and cool night time temperatures create the best environment for beans to develop slowly. The fertile volcanic soil and cooler temperature is the very reason this coffee possesses an amazing SCA score of 85.5.

Farmers selectively hand pick the cherries and deliver to one of many wet mills in the region. The coffee is then wet processed where fully ripe cherries are pulped, fermented, washed again and dried slowly over 2-3 weeks where moisture content is then reduced to 10%. The final washing process is what gives the coffee its bright, clean finish. The coffee is then delivered to the Othaya coffee dry mill where the coffee is taken for de-hulling, grading and liquoring (cupping). This ensures that only the highest quality coffee reaches the market.  

Coffee beans from Kenya - notes of smooth berries with a twist of spice produce a delicate sweetness followed by a luxurious hint of dark chocolate.

Costa Rica

The Costa Rica coffee is grown at 1200 meters above sea level in the Brunca region marked by its mountainous terrain and volcanic soil. The high altitudes provide cool climates that are perfect for growing sweet and dense beans.

The cooperative consists of 500 hectares and each farm within the cooperative averages 1.3 hectares. Farmers selectively handpick each cherry and deliver it to a nearby wet mill - it has a processing method that is designed to protect the environment from degradation, also known as an eco-pulper. This means centrifugal force is used to remove mucilage. This type of method reduces the water usage and limits the amount of excess nutrients in water runoff. The parchment is then washed and dried.

Due to the volcanic soil and the higher altitude Costa Rica coffee develops truly exquisite taste notes of sweet yet juicy yellow plum, a fruity dried apricot and a velvet like marzipan flavour. Such an honour to taste this truly flavoursome coffee with an SCA score of 86.


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