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Single Origin Coffee Beans - Ethiopia, Colombia, Indonesia

Single Origin Coffee Beans - Ethiopia, Colombia, Indonesia

Our new seasonal single origin coffees from Ethiopia, Colombia & Indonesia with an array of exquisite flavors, from floral and citrus to decadent dark chocolate.


Ethiopia, Gedeo

Koke washing station is located on the outside edges of Yirgacheffe town and has 10 fermentation tanks brought to them by small holder farmers. The area in the Gedeo zone is known for having great growing conditions, and for having been the location of the first washing station in Ethiopia, which was introduced back in the 1970s.

Just 7.74% of the area’s population live in urban settings, and as such coffee is typically grown on a small scale in the gardens of producers, on a small plot of land adjacent to the home.

Farmers in the Southern region of Ethiopia pick coffee selectively, and only harvest ripe cherries individually by hand. The varieties of bean that grow in the Gedeo zone are Wolisho, Dega and Kudhume: Kudhume has a small bean size and is known for its disease resistance, Dega has an average bean size, while Wolisho has a larger bean size.

This coffee is processed with a unique, fully naturall washing process. This technique enhances the captivating flavour profile and imparts profound, opulent richness to the brew. And it proudly carries the prestigious Grade 1 Ethiopian classification, making it an exceptional choice for those who appreciate the finest in their daily cup.


Colombia, Ortega

Located in the municipality of Ortega, in the department of Tolima, The Association of Women Coffee Growers of Mesones and La Florida, AMUCAFLOME, was established in 2013 by a community of female coffee farmers from a diverse range of backgrounds, including single mothers and indigenous council members.

Forming the association has allowed these women to negotiate better prices for their coffee and access training and technical assistance, as well as helping contribute to the development of their community as a whole. The women in the association have managed to improve their living conditions and contribute to the development of their community.

Currently, AMUCAFLOME produces coffee from the Castilla, Caturra, and Colombia varieties. The association's coffee is renowned for its high quality and flavour.

This coffee features notes of raspberry and violet followed by more subtle quince and delicate spice flavours, finishing with hints of dark chocolate.


Indonesia, Jagong Jeget

The farmers that cultivate this bold, intense coffee are organised around the Gayo Lauser Antara Cooperative, an initiative that arose from a desire for improved welfare and economic conditions for members. The cooperative plants coffee of the Linie S, Bourbon, S-288 and Catimor varieties.

The Jagong Jeget sub-district in central Aceh, Aceh province, where this coffee grows, has altitudes between 1400-1600 m.a.c.l as well as fertile volcanic soils. This creates an ideal climate for producing arabica coffee.

Farmer members only hand pick the ripest, reddest cherries, and after pulping they are soaked for 8 hours before being fermented for another 8 hours. The beans are then dried on a parachute until the skin is dry, before being laid to dry again in the sun until they have reached a moisture content of 13%. The coffee is then hand sorted to remove imperfect beans. The result is a complex, full bodied brew with spicy, chocolatey overtones and hints of malt and liquorice.


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